The Chicago Flag, star by star, bar by bar. PART 2.

Posted on February 15, 2015 by Phillip Thompson | 0 comments

This is Star number 2, part of the series I’m working on with Liz Garibay in which we tell the stories behind the symbols on the Chicago Flag. Two stars done, two to go; then we move on to the bars (the water and land). Eventually, I’ll compile these illustrations into a final, finished piece: the Chicago flag by story.

This star represents the Great Chicago Fire of 1871. Liz wrote a great piece over at the Choose Chicago blog. Here’s a short introduction:

It’s no secret that Chicago is quickly becoming a key player in the rapidly growing brewing industry. But this certainly isn’t our first beer rodeo. As important as railroads and stockyards were to our city, so was beer. Chicago is, in fact, a city built on beer and it was a thriving beer town before the Great Fire of 1871 devastated both the city and the local brewing scene.

The first brewery in Chicago opened in… MORE



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