Retrospective: Looking back at a Year of Homes

Posted on January 01, 2015 by Bench Bookkeeping | 0 comments

Closing out 2014, I wanted to compile the work done over the year+. The result is this long, vertical portfolio of work:

Tour of Homes by Cape Horn Illustration

What I like about looking back over the home portraits is finding the additions of, for example, a kitten, or a sculpture, that the homeowner (most often) requested. Even though I drew the homes and spent hours poring over them, it’s still fun for me to scroll through the finished portraits. The discovery of those small additions must activate some reward center in the brain. Maybe that’s the “special sauce” behind the enormously popular Cat’s Meow wooden buildings, each of which had a black cat perched somewhere.

People ask if I get tired of drawing homes. So far, no–I think the motivation to draw homes is the same thing that motivates me to draw maps and travel: The Discovery of new spaces. Every home brings its quirks and challenges and hidden spaces to my drawing board. None has been repeated.

Wishing you a New Year of Discovery in 2015!



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