The new Marathon Map: New York

Posted on July 22, 2014 by Phil Thompson | 0 comments




These marathon maps are a lot of fun. Discover a city, learn a course, learn the history of the marathon. This is the third of the U.S. marathons that belong to the six world majors. The New York map passes through the five boroughs of the city and across several major bridges. Two of the key moments of the course, in fact, involve bridges: The starting point, the Verrazano Bridge, and the Queensboro Bridge (also made famous to King of Queens theme song fans everywhere).

What I like about this particular marathon map is the layering of the vignettes over the map, and the overall round format. It’s a departure from the other ones, in which the vignettes were squared away with the page. I also tried a textured map with the building footprints that brought to mind a more traditional city maps.

Overall, a joy to do and (I hope) something to inspire past and future runners of this and any marathons.



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