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We’ve had the good fortune of being featured in a number of great publications recently, and for different reasons.

Here they are, plus link and intro:

Apartment Therapy. “Cape Horn Illustration: Store Profile,” Feb 20, 2014.

If you tend to notice every detail in your favorite house tours, you may have first spotted a Cape Horn Illustration on Apartment Therapy here, in Marti and Jarrod’s Lincoln Square house tour. If you’re seeking to memorialize your first home, your current home, or your last home (or any building that’s meaningful to you), look no further than Phil Thompson, who will draw your building’s portrait as if he knows it as well as you do. The final outcome is a reminder that your home is like none other, that it’s all in the details.

Chicagoist. “Check Out This Renaissance-Influenced Map Of Chicago,” Feb 19, 2014.

Thompson has fast become a favorite mapmaker around the Chicagoist offices. Cape Horn Illustration also produced a map of the Chicago Marathon course from a runner’s point-of-viewthe “Chicago Currents” map featuring a sea monster slithering up to a ship on Lake Michigan; and the Chicago Beer Bars map. Thompson’s latest entry is worthy of inclusion among those.

Curbed Chicago. “Check Out these Incredible Illustrations of Chicago Homes,” Feb 19, 2014.

Chicago is the home of many diverse neighborhoods and architectural styles, and this local artist has successfully captured this essence through a series of portraits of Chicago homes. Ravenswood resident, Phil Thompson of Cape Horn Illustration has hand drawn dozens of home portraits for industry professionals and for folks who want to give a creative and thoughtful gift to their friends or neighbors.

The Chicago Real Estate Local. “Ravenswood, Chicago resident creates hand drawn home and building illustrations, portraits.” Feb 18, 2014.

Phil  and Katie are blog readers of ours and local Ravenswoodresidents . Check out their home and building illustration service.  Tell them you learned about his company here at

Gaper’s Block. “Home Sweetly Drawn Home.” Feb 19, 2014.

Cape Horn Illustration does “building portraits,” and put together a fictional Chicago street to show different local architectural styles





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