An 1892 Wicker Park Landmark

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“This home means a lot to our family because we built it as we were awaiting the birth of our first child. My husband is a builder and together we designed and finished every inch to meet our needs and liking. It already houses so many memories in just the short couple of years we have lived in it. It will forever be our first home and will always be a part of us.

Built in 1892, this classic Chicago greystone is landmarked. We had to keep the facade and other features of the building. We designed much of the house on the inside to speak with facade and the time the house was originally built.
When we purchased the home, it had not been occupied for nearly 30 years. The original two-flat was in such terrible shape that we had no choice but to start over on the inside. We cleaned up the outside, kept the original windows but added new glass because much of the previous glass was shattered. And with a lot of work in a short 4 months, our dream home was complete, a few short weeks before our baby girl was born.

I think the history of the house as mentioned before is the most interesting. And maybe the fact that we did it all so quickly. The neighbors are very happy that someone finally gave this home some tender care. Unfortunately the previous owner of the home that we purchased it from, passed away less than a year after we bought it. Many people made him offers in the past, but he was never ready. The home never made it on the market, so we were lucky to find him when we did. I think he knew that he was handing it over to people that would take care of it. We will always be grateful that he chose us.”



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