Rookery project: The latest

Posted on August 31, 2015 by Phillip Thompson | 0 comments

This is the latest on the Rookery project, the private commission that consists of three panels: the centerpiece facade, and two side panels. One of them, the left panel, focuses on the rich masonry ornamentation that adorns the outside of the building. The top of the panel will be the building's pair of crows, alluding to the name of the building (A rookery is a nesting place for crows--or shady politicians. This was the name given by residents to the City Hall building that once sat on the current site. "Rookery" won out as the name for this new building, and the designers clearly had fun with it)

Also depicted in the illustration are the beautiful corners of the building: one showing the minaret forms in the upper reaches and one showing the ornate lettering of the city streets, LaSalle and Adams. LaSalle has to be one of my favorite streets in Chicago, because it's like a steep vertical canyon of beige masonry in neoclassical and Art Deco styles all ending in the beautiful, soaring Art Deco exemplar, the Board of Trade building. It's several long blocks of confidence, commerce, and big shoulders that show off one of the best sides of Chicago.

(This is also a phenomenal stretch of the marathon. It's pretty early on, so you're going on adrenaline and the canyon-like feature of the street makes it feel like you're in a huge parade. That had to be on the Chi marathon map of course)

The other side panel will feature the interior of the Rookery--the original Root features juxtaposed with the later Wright additions. That will include the light fixtures, staircases, railing, and more. 

If you haven't had a chance to take the regular Rookery tours, I strongly recommend it. It's truly one of the city's best architectural gems. 



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