NEW illustrated marathon map: Pittsburgh!

Posted on March 27, 2016 by Phillip Thompson | 0 comments

Pittsburgh's a great city. When I was going to Penn State I used to take a greyhound down to Pittsburgh to see my friend Rob, then attending Univ of Pittsburgh, and it would always be a blast. The city is gorgeous, proud of its heritage and cultural tics, and in a metamorphosis from its steel-centered industrial past. I love the convergence of the Ohio and Allegheny Rivers, viewing the city from Mt Washington, the bridges, the fact that linguists call Pittsburgh a "Galapagos" because of the linguistic quirks that you can find in Pittsburgh and nowhere else.

Katie is from two hours north of Pittsburgh and probably about that same distance from Buffalo, but the town (and her family) still stand squarely in Steelers territory. I can always count on a Steelers game when we're in town in the Fall. Even Katie, not a huge sports fan in general, considers herself a Steelers fan.

Here's the latest of the illustrated marathon map series: Pittsburgh. It's a beautiful marathon course, taking full advantage of the city's bridges, it's green and distinguished neighborhoods, and its historic commercial corridors lined with brick, Italianate buildings.

Best wishes to the runners taking on Pittsburgh Marathon this year on Sunday, May 1. May your feet be swift and the wind always at your back--especially for those last 5 miles...




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