Breweries of Chicago: Latest Map!

Posted on August 02, 2016 by Bench Bookkeeping | 0 comments

Back in 2010, I came out with the map of Chicago's great beer bars. The idea had struck, if you can believe it, when I was having a beer at Map Room. When we released it, we did a few beer events like Beer Hoptacular. It was there I met Liz Garibay, who was giving history tours of Chicago bars and also creating an app around those bars. Lots of enthusiasm for new projects.

Fast forward 6 years and we've collaborated on this new map, Breweries of Chicago, which we're happy to now release. This shows 41 of Chicago's breweries, from Ale Syndicate Brewers to Vice District Brewing Company. We've got long-established spots like Goose Island Clybourn, as well as newer places like Band of Bohemia.

We hope to inspire Chicago beer lovers to head out and visit all of these spots, sample the beer, and enjoy the variety of life. This is available on my site here. The shortened link is

Chicago Brewery Map



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