Rolling Stock of the Chicago "L"

$ 24.00

Dimensions: 14" x 11" or 24" x 18"

There's something special about riding a train on Chicago's old and winding elevated tracks. One moment you're on a track between an Art Deco and glass skyscraper. On another you're out among neighborhoods, getting sweeping views of avenues, gables, and water towers. 

The Chicago "L," maybe more so than other city's transit systems, gives riders a beautiful connection to generations past. Chicagoans take the train today, to work and back home, just like millions of Chicagoans took the train once before--mostly the same lines, just different vessels.

This piece focuses on the major series of L train cars ("rolling stock"), from the first wooden cars that inaugurated the South Side Rapid Transit Railroad, to the 7000 series cars that have only just been ordered by the city.

This print is for the people out there who have a special place in their heart for the L.