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Lakefront Currents [New color edition coming soon!]

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Places like Amsterdam, Stockholm and Venice have long histories and illustrated maps from the Age of Discovery, 15th to 17th century. Chicago's a newer city but I thought it needed something similar to recognize the photogenic lakefront and architectural legacy.

There are nods to Louis Sullivan and Art Deco. Special thanks to the Chicago Architectural Foundation's walking tours for giving great insights and peeks into the city's best buildings and ornamentation.

From Curbed Chicago:

Artist Phil Thompson must have it bad for Chicago. Thompson spent a year building a supremely detailed illustrated map of Chicago, tracing the lakefront from 41st Street to Addison. The east-west axis only goes from the lake to somewhere near Canal. But pretty much every structure in Thompson's field of vision is accounted for. The project is called Lakefront Currents and belongs to Thompson's Cape Horn Illustration.