Pen and ink illustration | Hand-drawn work | Classic look

Want your company to stand out from the crowd? Going for a more classic or vintage look in your marketing material? Want to highlight a building or neighborhood with a map? 

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Facade or building drawings
Show off a storefront or an office building on your website, in stationery or mailings, and other marketing material. 

Custom maps
Used for handouts, to show off an area or neighborhood, or to highlight an address. 

Illustration for a variety of uses
Get a label design made, fill out a title frame, get a logo made. Have an infographic about your industry made for content marketing. If it can be imagined, it can be illustrated.

Case: Daniel, a fine dining restaurant in NYC, commissioned a loose pen and ink drawing of their facade, which became part of their annual holiday card. The building's landscaping was slightly altered to fit in more with a holiday look.

Case: A Chicago-area country club wanted a gift for its board members and wanted to feature its club prominently in the gift. In this case, it was placed front and center, and the symmetrical landscaping made a major party to the composition. For the gift, each print was personalized and framed for the final presentation.
Case: This was a label design for a craft brewery, 7 Locks Brewing, whose first can was based around a local story. The label design was intended to be simple, catchy, and create a scene that directly brought the local history to light. 

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