"Memento Mori" is a Latin expression meaning "remember you will die." This notion of remembering one's mortality dates to the times of ancient Rome: A conquering general was expected to keep death in mind, lest he become too arrogant. Through the Middle Ages, this concept and expression became a popular theme in paintings, portraiture, woodcut prints.

The theme applies just as well to modern times, maybe more so. Technology, the pace of change and information overload surely have improved our lives. But they have also introduced distractions, invited constant comparisons, and fears that the best is happening to someone else, somewhere else.

Remembering mortality can help us focus on life itself, investing it with true meaning while laughing off jealousy and pettiness. When we are reminded that our time is limited, we are reminded that we need to make the best of life.

This coloring book series brings Memento Mori to modern times by depicting death chasing us into recognizable, contemporary scenes.