Custom Home History + Home Portrait

$ 550.00

Get an in-depth, custom history of your home! Learn about the house, your street and neighborhood. You'll learn about past owners, their origins and occupations, the industries that gave rise to the neighborhoods, and much, much moreall put together in a 15- or 25-page booklet, depending on the level you get.

Jack Brandtman, the force behind and a well-known purveyor of Chicago history lessons as Chicago Aussie (over 30,000 Youtube subscribers!), will dig into the history of your home and turn over every rock and blow you away with the origin story he turns up. 

You'll be amazed at the information about your home that Jack can turn up.

But that's not all:

For the premium level: In addition to your custom home history, you'll receive a custom, original/signed Cape Horn Illustration 11" x 14" pen and ink home portrait.

Testimonial: "We were blown away by the level of detail that our home history turned up, way more than we ever expected. And the home portrait was unbelievable and blew us away. We'll cherish both for generations." - Paul U.

How do you get started?

  • All we need to get started is the address. Send it to us here. We'll do a little preliminary research and make sure we have enough to go on.
  • When we give the OK, just book in the work here through the "Add the Cart" and checkout. 
  • For the home portrait (if you get the Premium)send us some photos of the home and any details you want highlighted or downplayed.
  • That's it! We'll get started!

Turnaround is about 5 weeks, but we can accommodate tighter deadlines within reason.