Lakefront Currents West

$ 35.00

The ultimate ode to the Chicago lakefront. This is the Lakefront Currents West. This map was part of a successful Kickstarter program that delivered this map and its "sister" map, Lakefront Currents East, to three-hundred patrons. 

Each print is 36" x 12" and signed and numbered as a limited gold edition.

This map faces the city and focuses on the city skyline and parks along the water's edge. I had spent a year inking a black and white version a few years back ("Lakefront Currents"), and this is a brand new, full-color print edition.

Process: The process is offset lithography. This process, invented in the late 1800's, led to a huge surge in the production and availability of large-format prints, including bird's eye view maps of American cities and towns. 

Printer: The printer is Chicago Press Corporation, is an institution in Chicago printing. It was founded in 1927 and has stayed under ownership of the same family. They have an unparalleled attention to detail and quality.

Paper: These prints are on a Mohawk Via - 65# Natural Linen Via Cover. This is a beautiful linen paper, a slight off-white, which shows the texture of fine threads. Here's a closeup of the paper: