New! "Bird's Eye View: Ravenswood" Puzzle

This puzzle is part of a fundraiser for the Greater Ravenswood Chamber of Commerce. Purchasing a puzzle will help them continue to carry out their mission of supporting Ravenswood businesses and the community.

Custom Home Portraits | Building Portraits

Make your home iconic.

Honor a family home, the house or building you live in, your base.

Home and building portraits make great gifts for friends and loved ones who cherish the home they live in, or once lived in.

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Let's work together.

Have an idea for a custom illustrated map, home or building drawing, logo or label? Have a project in mind that you want to see us bring to life in ink? We have experience working with a variety of clients on range of custom commissions.

About Cape Horn Illustration

We are Phil Thompson & Katie Lauffenburger.

We create artwork dedicated to architecture, history, and the city, with a special love for Chicago. We make work that features classic home styles, icons of the city, ceramics work, and drawings and illustrated maps.

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Based on the Ravenswood Corridor

4636 N. Ravenswood Ave, Suite 106
Chicago, IL 60640

We're open for local order pick-up twice a week:
Wednesdays 4 - 6pm
Sundays 11am - 1pm

Otherwise, we're open by appointment only.